OGO Family & Future

Family & Farming

We are friends & family, not corporate investors. We maintain a living wage for all employees and are not trying to be a google of cannabis. We are not gangsters or former drug dealers. We just appreciate good herb.

Support Small Local Farms

 OGO supports local small farms, local vendors, and local schools. We are patients, caregivers, & friendly neighbors.  We donate money and time to local charities and events, and are  100%  Oregonian-owned.

Encompassing Passion

Our logo encompasses the heart, shovel, and cannabis-centered vision of our founders. We represent love and consciousness in all our business choices.

Future Farming

 We strive for sustainability & seek to model best practices for green development. From bioswales, to compost teas, we hope to reduce our carbon footprint every year, eventually adding solar panels and edible  landscaping. From radiant heated beds to nutrient rich rain & spring water, the future is now.

OGO Vision

 Cannabis is a sacred healing plant, & our holistic approach balances the local ecosystem to cultivate luscious, aromatic flowers. OGO recognizes the importance of preserving our local environment by using Organic standards. We are committed to philanthropy, supporting local businesses, & paying a living wage.

Change the World

  We still think that cannabis can bring world peace & that human consciousness is the key to healing our planet. We honor the ancient perspectives this plant offers the modern mind. Feel the earth speaking to your endo-cannabinoid receptors. Who feels it knows it.