OGO Family & Future

Family & Farming

We are friends and family, not corporate investors. We maintain a living wage for all employees and are not trying to be a google of cannabis.

Supporting Small Local Farms

 OGO supports local small farms, local vendors, and local schools. We are patients, caregivers, & friendly neighbors.  

Encompassing Passion

Our Logo:  We had a lot of input and fantastic ideas to encompass in our new logo.  We are quite proud of the end result!

Future Farming

We here at OGO firmly believe in future planning and how our organic farming practices continue to be a shinning example of how positive organic farming is a viable contributor to our local economy and ecology.

OGO Vision

Cannabis is a sacred healing plant, and our holistic approach balances the local ecosystem to cultivate luscious, aromatic flowers. OGO recognizes the importance of preserving our local environment by using 100% Organic standards. We are committed to philanthropy, supporting local businesses, and paying a living wage. 

Change the World

We still think that cannabis can bring world peace & that human consciousness is the key to changing the world. We honor the ancient perspectives this plant offers the modern mind. Feel the earth speaking.