OGO Organic Farming

In The Beginning

Starting off right!  We have the best worms doing what they do best!  Creating the very finest soil for us to start our lovely ladies growing.

Organic Nourishment

Here at Oregon Grown Organics we are firm believers in all things organic, and our amazing cannabis strains are evidence to our organic process.

Sweet Sunshine

Outstanding Oregon Sunshine!  They call it the Emerald Triangle for a sunny reason.  It is the climate!

Greensprings Water

Oregon fresh, and Oregon pure!  The water here is some of the best around and we use only the best for our cannabis!

Rogue Valley Soils

Another Element to the Emerald Triangle!  Its the Soil here in Southern Oregon that makes the cannabis grow and grow and grow.

Siskiyou Breezes+Positive Vibes

We are nestled in the hills above Ashland, and the warm summer Siskiyou breezes carry the wonderful positive vibes that help our cannabis grow.