OGO Organic Farming

In The Beginning

All good things come from our sacred Earth, and our local worm castings, worms, nematodes, mycorrhizals, beneficial insects, and permaculture beds allow deep healthy interconnected roots.

Organic Nourishment

OGO only uses OMRI certified nutrients, companion planting, cover crops, and compost teas to grow Mother Nature's best herbs. We use nothing artificial or petroleum-based and always clean our organic nutrients with clean fresh local spring water for that pure natural taste.

Sweet Sunshine

Outstanding Oregon Sunshine!  The Emerald Triangle gives subtle vibrations that artificial lights cannot imitate. Southern Oregon gets more sunshine than the rest of the Emerald Triangle, giving our herb a super solar boost of positive green energy.

Greensprings Water

Oregon fresh, and Oregon pure!  Artesian, volcanic, and filled with vital micronutrients and minerals, Greensprings water is world-renown, with no pollution in our Rogue River watershed, straight from the snowy Cascades-Siskiyou National Monument.

Rogue Valley Soils

The terroir and provenance of Rogue Valley soils is famous amongst wineries and orchards, giving an unique nose to all our local produce. The same applies to Rogue Valley cannabis, you simply have to taste it, and you will feel the difference.

Siskiyou Breezes

We are nestled in the hills above Ashland, and the warm summer Siskiyou breezes carry the wonderful positive vibes that help our cannabis grow. No factories, no industrial warehouses, just farms, ranches, and fresh air for miles.